For Retirement Planning Firms with 30-100+ financial advisors who sincerely want to make a positive difference in their clients’ retirement outcomes, and educate America on better retirement strategies…

you could help so many more Retirees, Triple your revenue in 6-12 Months, (and enjoy your practice a whole lot more), if...

Stop using webinars, seminars, buying leads, chasing leads... Because there's a new and improved way to attract as many right-fit FIA clients as you can handle...



Educated 350k+ pre-retirees and retirees through our online content, and growing!


Qualified Opportunities Generated for Financial Advisors


Pipeline Generated of Investable Assets
Pre-booked pre-qualified annuity zoom appointments. 
Avg FIA case $300k. Avg prospect investable assets $1m.
For every 10 booked appointments, 6 show up, and 1 becomes a client.*

"Clients Blackbox Is The Most Reliably Scalable Digital Marketing System For Attracting Annuity Clients On Demand"

$3M Per Month Asset Formula - 
Discover Our Secret Methodology to RIA Success

What Could You Expect?

Start With 5 Advisors, Then Feed Dozens...Within DAYS! (Not Months)

Every $10k Of Adspend Seems To Bring In $2 Million in New Assets ($1M in FIA + $1M in AUM)*
*Hypothetical examples based on previous advisors' results. Your results may vary.


Monthly Ad Spend
(Minimum Monthly Adspend)


150 Appointments

Per month


15 FIA Cases

Per month



Monthly FIA Premium



Monthly New AUM Assets



Monthly Commissions
(assuming 7% comp)


Monthly Ad Spend


100 Appointments

Per month


10 FIA Cases

Per month



Monthly FIA Premium



Monthly New AUM Assets



Monthly Commissions
(assuming 7% comp)


Monthly Ad Spend


480 Appointments

Per month


48 FIA Cases

Per month



Monthly FIA Premium



Monthly New AUM Assets


$1MM /MO

Monthly Commissions
(assuming 7% comp)
"Alex is the best. He has done a great job for me. He can do it all. I have made well into 6 figures using his management team. The best thing about him is I can count on him no matter what I need and he has integrity. Absolutely critical. Alex will deliver. He is also a great copy writer which is a vital component along with the marketing technology skills he has. I highly recommend Alex."

- Jim McLane
Independent Financial Advisor, 40+ years experience
"Before, I had to go out and find my own clients. Which isn't always the easiest thing to do. Now, I don't have to call anybody. They show up on my calendar.... In the last 4 months, I made $90,000!"

- Jennifer Trowbridge
Independent Financial Advisor, 26+ years experience
Success Story

Watch Video Below to See...

How Jonathan QUADRUPLED (4x) His FIA Premium In 11 Months + New Exciting Opportunity

Success Story

Watch Video Below to See...

How This Fiduciary Advisor... Helped More Retirees... Tripled His Monthly Production... and Opened His Own RIA!

With The Help of Clients Blackbox's Marketing System

Meet Aaron C.*

He's a financial advisor who had a marketing agency that ran facebook ads with webinars for him.

He got retirement planning appointments booked on his calendar.

This helped him transition from seminars to virtual sales.

Things were good. He was doing a million dollars a year in revenue.

But it wasn’t enough.

He knew he could do better.

He wanted to do $2 million or even $3 million dollars a year in revenue/income.

So he looked for a better solution.

He came across one of our ads on facebook.

He reached out for a consultation.

We started working together.

5 months later...

He TRIPLED his Revenue from 100k to $300k/month, and never had a bad webinar again...

Here’s how he did it…

Clients Blackbox might be a perfect-fit for you if...

  • If you truly care more about your clients' better retirement outcomes than the potential revenue you'd make... 
  • If you do almost all annuity business...
  • ​All virtual...
  • ​Using facebook ads that lead to webinars...
  • ​You are currently spending over $100k+ a month in ads...
  • ​And you're looking for an additional funnel/more efficient funnel...
  • ​This is EXACTLY what you're looking for!

Results - Here's how our Advisors did in Q1 2023...

Names hidden for confidentiality.

  • Advisor 1 spent $16k on ads and made back $98k — 6X ROAS.
  • ​Advisor 2 scaled from $100k/mo to $300k/mo - TRIPLED REVENUE
  • Advisor 3 spent $8k on ads and made back $95k - 11X ROAS
  • Advisor 4 spent $10k on ads and made back $120k - 12X ROAS
  • ​Advisor 5 spent $6k Dec-Jan and made back $42k - 7X ROAS
  • ​Advisor 6 spent $14k Nov - Feb and made back $70k - 5X ROAS
  • ​Advisor 7 spent $14k on ads and made back $120k - 10X ROAS
  • ​Advisor 8 packed out his calendar and is getting appointments overall (all time) for $236/appt
  • ​Advisor 9 has been getting appointments for under $100/appt for 6 months straight Nov 2022 - April 2023
  • ​Advisor 10 is getting appointments at $189/appt (all time) so far and he’s been with us less than one month!
  • Advisor 11 have 67% show rate now and are getting in front of many qualfied prospects and may make $46k back from their $3k of adspend so far in April! They “love it.” in their own words.
  • Advisor 12 already closed his first $600k+ client and is excited about the program and will close more!
  • Advisor 13 has 9m in pipeline if they only close 2m that’s 140k in income from 23k in adspend — 6X ROAS!
  • Advisor 14 has been getting appointments for avg $104/appt for 6 months now Nov 2022 - April 2023 and is closing more deals with thier new sales partner and they’re getting way more high net worth people to book with them
  • Advisor 15 has a $3m annuity he might close soon and has another 3.6m in FIAs in pipeline that may close… so he may close 1.5m = $105k income after spending just $12k in ads - 9X ROAS!
  • Advisor 16 made 13X ROAS on his first campaign (spent 2k made 27k) and now is coming back to spend $2500-4500/week with us to 10X his income!
  • Advisor 17 has 700k-1m of annuity pipeline and may close about 500k of FIA = 35k income from just 6k of adspend = 6X ROAS!

Webinars Are The

What if instead of having people...
  • Register for a webinar.. 🐌 
  • Wait 3-14 days for the webinar to happen... 🐌 
  • ​Then MAYBE 30-40% of them show up… 🐌 
  • ​Then watch a whole 45 minute presentation where most of them drop off… 🐌 
  • ​THEN they have the opportunity to book a meeting with you…

Clients Blackbox is The NEW WAY...

What if instead of that...
  • Qualified Annuity Buyers watch a SHORT 10-15 minute powerpoint presentation ✅
  • ​Which is compliantcustomized and branded to you ✅
  • ​And they can book the meeting with you right away? ✅
Wouldn't that be better?

After switching from webinars, to our “Clients blackbox” system... 

  • 🤩 Aaron C. saw his monthly FIA commissions go from 100k/month to over $300k+/month using our system! (That's a TRIPLE!)
  • ​🤩 Another advisor made $95k back on her first $8k of ad spend...
  • ​🤩 Another advisor saw his cost per appointment drop to $194/appt…

7 Reasons Why This is 10X Better Than Webinars...

1. ✅ Get More Qualified Booked Appointments... 📅📅📅📅📅
(Advisors reduced their Cost per Booked Appointment from $400 to $200/appt using this)
2. ✅ More Consistent Pipeline... ☑️
(Because you’d be getting new appointments EVERY DAY, vs every 2-4 weeks)
3. ✅ Be FIRST to capture the HOTTEST leads... 🔥
(Because the HOTTEST leads won’t need to wait 3-14 days for a webinar to happen, they can book with you right away... aka, Increase your "speed to lead"...)
4. ✅ Increase rate of video completion...   🎥
(because a 10 minute video is easier to consume than a 45 minute webinar)
5. ✅ Increase your registrant show up rate to 100%... 💯
(because they don’t have to wait for the webinar to happen, they watch immediately)
6. ✅ No More Technical Errors or Failures... 🙅‍♂️
(Say goodbye to technical errors from Twilio & Demio, GoToWebinar... etc)
7. ✅  Less Stressful... 😌
(Because you'd be getting a consistent flow of new leads every day... Instead of waiting impatiently for the next webinar’s results)

It took me 8 years to put this system together…

I’m Alex Khassa, the founder of Clients Blackbox.

As you’ll soon see, I cracked the code on building the world’s best marketing system for financial advisors who sell fixed indexed annuities virtually.

Before I elaborate on how the system works, let me share a little bit about me…

Unlike most marketing agencies or “consultants”, I don’t take on anyone with a pulse and a credit card...

I make sure to only accept clients that have the highest chance of success with my program, and only these people. If I can’t help you, I will be upfront and tell you that.
Alex Khassa, Founder of Clients Blackbox
Can I be a little vulnerable with you?

So this started about 8 years ago, in 2015...

I invested in a few copywriting and facebook ads courses. I started writing copy, creating webinars, and sales videos for different industries. I was taking on anyone whom would trust me with their marketing...

In this process, I’ve written 100,000's of words as marketing copy, spent millions of dollars on online advertising, and worked with over 150 different businesses from many different industries: Ecommerce, coaching programs, online courses, financial advisors, real estate agents, solar companies, etc…

In 2020, I started working with my first 3 financial advisors.

And the results blew my mind... 🤯

⚙️💰 For every dollar they put into ads, they got $10 back in a very short period of time...

The first advisor was Jennifer T.

⚙️💰 She spent $8k on ads and made back $95k in 4 months.

She referred to us the second advisor, Jim M.

⚙️💰  He spent $13k on ads and made back $150k in 6 months.

⚙️💰  And the third advisor went from 0 to $100k/month in 30 days and became an instagram celebrity...  

It turns out, I was using a revolutionary marketing system for this industry.

It wasn’t webinars.

It wasn’t the typical marketing funnel.

We were simply sending people from a facebook ad, to a short blackbox powerpoint, then we let them self-qualify and book a call with the advisor.

Simple enough, right?

Since we’ve cracked the code to this, many people tried to do it on their own, or hire other expensive marketing agencies that charged them $60k-100k upfront for an onboarding fee… All of these copycats all flopped and failed, simply because they don’t have the “blackbox” experience we have…

This worked better than anything else they’ve tried before because... 

It was branded to them (because we used their videos in marketing)...

It was more efficient because it was bringing them self-booked appointments and not leads that they have to chase...

It was more effective because they only talked to people who had more than $250,000 in investable assets...

It took almost no work from them because all they had to do it record the videos we scripted for them and we took care of the rest of it...

It was more transparent because we would meet every 2 weeks to review the results together and we’d share with them what was working in the ads and what wasn’t

And it was more profitable because they made back $10 for every dollar they spent or better… 

At that point I decided to specialize in only working with this industry: Financial advisors, who sell fixed indexed annuities over zoom or over the phone from different states (not just locally). The only caveat is you have to be good on camera. So if you have any seminars or tv experience, you’re good to go.

I decided to specialize so that I can understand 🌎 YOUR world 🌎  of...

🌎 Compliance...

🌎 Faster cashflow cycles with annuities...

🌎 Higher commissions with annuities versus managed money which is recurring but has a low ROI on marketing...

🌎 The concepts of safe money... 

🌎 Sequence of returns... 

🌎 The 4% rule and why it doesn’t work...

🌎 Rising interest rates...

🌎 Why recessions drive annuity sales... 

🌎 How so many people hate seminars... 

🌎 How volatile webinars can be...

🌎 How painful it is to buy shared leads and call them and have them be uninterested

🌎 Paying $350-400 per appointment to someone else who builds their own brand with your dollars versus paying less per appointment and building your own brand at the same time…

🌎  ...You can’t understand all of that if you operate in different industries.

I wanted to make a custom tailored solution to your needs.  ✨ 💫

That’s what I’ve been doing over the past 3 years.

Here's Why Webinars Are DEAD...

The truth is…

the best, HOTTEST, most ready-to-buy leads

will NOT wait for a webinar to happen

3-14 days from now, to talk to someone…

they want to talk to someone NOW!

Would you agree?

Here's Why The Webinar Model Is Broken...

If the image is too small for you, don't worry, I will go over all the details below in the next few lines...

Here's how the webinar experience works...

A qualified prospect clicks on a Facebook Ad...

They go to the registration page to register for the webinar... 

They wait on average 7 days to attend the webinar...

During those 7 days, they get inundated with emails & sms follow ups to get them to actually show up...

Then they attend the webinar...

Then they have to watch a 30-45 minute long-winded webinar...

Then, and only then, if they haven't dropped off the webinar already, they have the opportunity to book a call with you...

Here's the problem with the broken webinar model...

During those 7 days they are waiting for the webinar to start, a LOT happens...

Day 1 - They start seeing other ads on facebook
Day 2 - They submit their information in some other lead form
Day 3 - They talk to their existing advisor
Day 4 - They become a "shared lead" and get calls from 6 other agents
Day 5 - They talk to 2 other advisors they like
Day 6 - They get an illustration form an advisor
Day 7 -  They get engaged in the sales/closing process with another advisor...

By day 7... 

They've either forget about your webinar (no show)...

...OR they attend but now they have A LOT of other options...

Both are terrible outcomes.

Now if they do attend and book an appointment...

This becomes an expensive appointment with a worsened prospect who has WAY MORE options and is HARDER to close...

And the math proves this is totally broken...

Let's say you set a budget of $10k for the webinar...

You pay $5 per click...

You get 2,000 clicks...

200 registrants... (10% of clicks register)

80 webinar attendees... (40% webinar show-up rate)

20 book a call... (25% of attendees book a call)

That's a cost per appointment of $500 PER BOOKED APPOINTMENT.

You're paying $500 per booked appointment with a prospect that's been worsened by the market because of how long they had to wait to talk to you. And if they had that much pain and they were ready to buy already... they wouldn't have attended the webinar and would've engaged with another advisor already!

That's why you might be spending $15k/month on webinars and only seeing back $60k/month in revenue (4-5X Return)... That sucks...

If you're spending $15k/month on Facebook ads... You should be closing $100k-150k/month in commissions (6-10X Return) by having MORE appointments with BETTER prospects with the SAME adspend...

Webinars Are Dead.

Here's Why The Blackbox Model is 10X Better...

Again, if the image above is too small for you, don't worry about it. I will explain what's happening in the slide above in the next few lines...

Here's why the blackbox model is way way way way WAY(!) better...

Like, better, better...

Like, totally brand-new, and superior...

Alright, here we go...

Qualified prospect sees a facebook ad...

They watch a 15 minute powerpoint going over why an annuity might be helpful for them (without mentioning the word "annuity" anywhere)...

Then go to your calendly to book a call, they answer some qualifiying questions...

And boom. Voila! They're on your calendar now.

The result? A more efficient 15-minute system that brings the most qualified annuity appointments on your calendar FAST, without webinars, seminars, cold calling, or chasing leads...

So you wake up every day to a calendar full of appointments with prospects with over $250,000+ that are HOT and ready to do business right now...

The math usually breaks down like this...

And the math PROVES this is superior...

Let's say you spend $10k on the same system...

Pay $5 a click...

2,000 clicks...

All 2,000 clicks watch the 15 min powerpoint...

If only 2.5% of the clicks book an appointment...

That's 50 booked appointments...

That's a cost per appointment of ONLY $200/APPOINTMENT!

> You SAVE $300 PER BOOKED APPOINTMENT (Compared to webinars)

> You've just reduced your cost per appointment by 60%...

> And made your marketing dollars 250% more efficient...

You spend about $2,000 on ads to get 10 booked appointments...

10 booked appointments > 6 show up > 1 becomes a client > moves on average $300k to a FIA > You get 7% commission ($21k)

In short, you've just spent $2,000 on ads, and made back $21,000...

Can you see how a 10:1 return on adspend is realistic with this model?

Can you see how SUPERIOR this model is to webinars?

What do you like most about it?

Is it the lowered cost per appointment?

Higher quality of leads? 

The consistency of appointments?

The appointments coming in every day (vs every 2-4 weeks)? 

How simple it is?

How less complicated it is?

How it doesn't require you to work or chase any unqualified leads?

How it qualifies the leads before they even talk to you? 

How it only puts you in front of prospects that have MORE than $250k in investable assets? 

How it's pretty much done for you? 

All of the above?

It's Time For An Upgrade...

Book a call and let's see how we will customize our system for your unique needs and the next steps...
ATTN RIAs, MGAs, and IMOs with 30-100+ Advisors...

Here’s A Simple Way To DOUBLE Your Annuity Production In 3-6 Months
(By Improving Your Average Advisor’s Production From 5m/Yr In FIA Sales To 10-20M/Yr)

Step 1: Get everyone on the same program.

(P.S. Screenshot and forward this to your GA/CEO/Founder)

If you allow your advisors to use more than 1 marketing channel, managing them will be a 💩 show.

To make managing and growing your business EASY, you must use one marketing program for every single advisor on your team.

Without this, it’s a 💩 shoot.

Step 2: Establish baseline of avg production.

Take your total annuity production as a firm. For example: 100 million.

Divide it by the number of active advisors you are managing. For example: 20 active advisors.

100 million / 20 advisors = 5 million per advisor.

Now you know that you need to take them from 5 million to 10-20m on average.

Step 3: Fill their calendars with high quality appointments.

The advisors using our marketing program “Clients Blackbox” and spending 10k a month on ads, can produce 10-15m a year in FIA production from the direct appointments they get.

Then you have another 5 million coming from referrals etc.

Boom. You’re at 10-20m a year per advisor.

Now you just took your business from 5 million per advisor, to worst case 10 million per advisor.

10 million per advisor x 20 advisors = that’s 200m a year in FIA production.

If you’re spending 10k-20k/month per advisor, and they’re not producing 10-20m a year in annuity production, then you must fix this asap.

How To Get Every One Of Your Advisors Producing $3 Million Per Month... In 11 Steps

Have A Goal

What’s your 2024 target? If you don’t have one, write one out right now.  It’s kind of obvious that you need something to aim at to know if you’re heading in the right direction or not. Without a goal, you’re lost. With a goal, you’re motivated and everything you do has a meaning and purpose to it. So, what’s your goal?

Make the Goal Worthy Of You

Don’t ask if you’re worthy enough to achieve the goal. Ask if the goal is worthy enough of you. Based on my experience, I believe every holistic advisor has to set a target of a minimum 30 million a year in new assets (15M FIA + 15M AUM) because it’s possible! If you’re busy with the right activities this should be your minimum standard. 

If you haven’t achieved that before it’s likely because you are not spending enough hours talking to the right prospects during the year. It’s just a numbers game and you need to talk to enough people who have high enough assets to reach your numbers.

Follow The 1% Rule to Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Budget

We’ve noticed that for every $10,000 our holistic advisors put into ad spend, they close about $1M of FIA business (and $1M of AUM at the same time).

So, if you want to bring in $25 Million this year in FIA premium… you need to spend $250,000 in ad spend.

If you want to bring in $100 Million this year in FIA premium… you need to spend $1M in ad spend.

If you want to bring in $500 Million this year in FIA premium… you need to spend $5M in ad spend.

It’s that simple. Under-investing on marketing is the #1 reason why you don’t reach your targets of new assets as a financial advisor.

Invest $15,000/month in Ad Spend for Every Advisor

We’ve found that $15-18k/mo. in ad spend is the sweet spot to make an advisor as busy as possible. This generates about 50-60 booked appointments a month, which is plenty to keep the advisor busy. This also positions the advisor to be able to bring in $1.5M-2M a month in FIA premium based on the 1% rule. 

So, if you have a team of 10 advisors, your ad spend should be about $150k-180k/month to be able to bring in $3 Million Per Month Per Advisor In New Assets (Half AUM and half FIA).

There is Safety In Overspending on Marketing

One of our advisors has this great mindset that allows him to hit record months. He believes there is safety in overspending on marketing. He justifies it like this. If he spends $18k in a month and gets 60 booked appointments and meets with 40 of them… there might be 3-4 million-dollar FIA opportunities there. He knows that he only needs to close 2 of them to bring in $2M that month and have a good month. His argument is if he underspends on marketing, he might not run into those 3-4 big opportunities that make the whole month worth it. Which means if he underspends his ROI might be super low for that month. 

So, because of the law of large numbers, you need to meet with enough people to come across these larger opportunities which make the marketing investment worth it so you can continue re-investing in marketing. If your marketing efforts are not paying off, odds are you are not investing enough in them.

The Number One Predictor of Salespeoples’ Success

Bryan Tracy says the number one predictor of salespeople’s success is the number of people they talk to. That’s really it. It is truly a numbers game. If you talk to more people, you will bring in more business. So, to maximize your odds of success, you need to put yourself in front of as many qualified opportunities as possible.

Plan for Seasonality

Summer & holiday season are known to be slow seasons for financial advisors. So, if you want to bring in 24 million this year, an average of 2 million per month… it’s not going to be 2 million every single month. Some months would be 1 million, other months could bring you 4 million of assets. Look at your production in 2023 and the years before and map out the seasonality you notice unto this year.

Include Your Sales Cycle In Your Plan

How long is your average sales cycle? If we take an average 6-week sales cycle (from 1st meeting to asset transfer) … Then a lead that was created in January, won’t close until mid-February.  You want to think about this when creating your 2024 marketing plan.

Focus on Revenue Generating Activities

Revenue generating activities for a financial advisor are talking to new prospects and closing qualified deals. That’s a $2,000/hour activity. What other activities can pay you $2,000/hour? Not that many. That’s why you need to delegate everything on your plate that is worth under $2,000/hour… including marketing. 

Spending your time creating marketing campaigns and running seminars (which is considered a marketing activity) is not worth your time. Had you spent all your time with prospects, and had the marketing done for you, you’d grow your production to much higher levels.

Go Virtual

When you’re able to work with people virtually from anywhere in the USA, you’ve instantly expanded your market from your town to 331 million people in the US. This opens you to meet with bigger clients no matter where they are. For example, one of our clients recently met with a prospect that has $30 Million with JP Morgan and $7 Million in an IRA account. I bet you didn’t think those people existed on Facebook. Well, they do. 

If you put the right message in front of them and you position yourself as a thought-leader and expert (like we do for our clients through our marketing campaigns) then they will listen to you more than their JP Morgan guy and potentially move some (if not all) of their assets to you. Because high net worth clients want to work with the best advisor no matter where they are.

Grow through Recruiting

Once you’re bringing in 25-30M a year and every one of your advisors are hitting this production level… it may be time to bring on more advisors to grow your production through more advisors that can create more availability on your 1st meeting booking calendar. Every new advisor should bring 30 million of new assets to your company.

These are the 11 steps you need to consider to grow your production and reach your target in 2024. Which of these steps are you going to start with? Which one gave you an aha-moment? Reply to this email with your thoughts.

If you want to become part of our winning ecosystem, there are 2 ways:

1 - If you’re CEO of an RIA with 5+ advisors, book a call directly at

2 - If you’re an independent financial advisor or owner of a smaller RIA, you’ll benefit more from this option


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